Unrealistic Expectations

There’s this poem called Kindness to Snails by Fleur Adock that I came across today. In the poem, a mother is telling her child to help save a poor snail that is stuck on their window-sill, because, well, that’s the kind thing to do. The poet then mentions a bunch of other unkind things that she herself had […]

It’s all too much

There are so many things to write about. I have already been living in the 2015-16 school year for a month — a MONTH — and have not said a word here. Each day at a school is like a million days anywhere else. I see things every few minutes and think, “I could write […]

Arts Skills, Core Skills, Life Skills

This week I am attending The Educator Leader Cadre meeting for PARCC. One of the breakout sessions I attended yesterday was called “Art & Core Skills = Life Skills” and was lead by Bruce D. Taylor. You put the word “arts” in a session at a meeting for a nationwide test two things will happen: […]

Student Centered …Drama Club?

For every year that I have taught since graduating, I have directed a play. At my first school, I was halfway through my first year when I helped put on a simple, music-less production of Peter Pan. The following year, it was The Wizard of Oz. After that, we entered the world of Music Theatre International’s Broadway […]

2 Favorite Quotes about Reading

“He would talk to them of stories and books, and explain to them how stories wanted to be told and books wanted to be read, and how everything that they ever needed to know about life and the land of which he wrote, or about any land or realm that they could imagine, was contained […]


Every day at school is like a thousand days anywhere else. I don’t know where to begin in order to dive back into writing so that I can document and preserve, document and preserve. More for my sake than for anyone else. So the next few posts will be filling in the blanks, catching up […]